About Us

The website businessinsurancefinancial.com is owned by stephen kelley, and its purpose is to provide credible information about financial products and services. We try to make all the content useful for making informed decisions, regarding the management of your portfolio. We aim to be a reference in the area of Financial Literacy, from personal finance, banking products and in the insurance sector.

We have a team of consultants specialized in the areas of credit, insurance and financial coaching who dedicate their days to helping their clients save money and increase their financial security and put their finances in good hands.

We are independent insurance agents, registered with the Insurance Institute of Portugal and we try to find the best coverage for your risks at the best market price.

Together we will analyze what changes you can apply to your financial life
for greater savings and a more relaxed life.Everything you need to save and improve your financial life.We negotiate for you – and free of charge – with banking, financial and insurance companies, so that you can have the best market conditions.

We know the market and the products at your disposal and with that we can understand who offers the best conditions for your specific case.